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 Spring Treats 

Hello All! Summer is almost here and I am still making treats! This year if I get a request, I will make a batch special for you! To make it even more personable, I will be sending emails throughout the ordering process so you know when they are made, packaged and on their way! Please scroll down to buy my custom Home Made treats!


     Cat: Spinach and Chicken Treat -

     10 bag: $       20 bag: $       30 bag: $           


     Dog: Vegetarian Dog Special (Grain Free!) -

     5 bag: $       15 bag: $       25 bag: $


     Dog: Peanut Butter Biscuit -

     5 bag: $       15 bag: $       25 bag: $

  Cat: Organic, Gourmet Chicken Treat -

     $3 per. box - one size (20 treats per box)


  Dog: Organic, Peanut Butter Ball -

    $2 per. bag ~ small (5 large treats per bag)

    $4 per. bag ~ medium (10 large treats per bag)

    $6 per. bag ~ large (15 large treats per bag)

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