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Here you will find testimonials from Lily's Pet Care Client's from all the way back to 2017. Please use this page to get information on Lily's Services and what others think of them. 

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Lily has done a great job of keeping us informed of our pets' well-being while taking care of them. I would love having an electronic option for payment processing. That would be a great convenience to pet owners on the go.

Would recommend: Yes

-Rhett L, Client Since 2018

I love how responsible Lily is. She has excellent communication both prior to her visits to take care of my Cat and leaves me notes as a follow-up. I know my house and my cat are in good hands when Lily is coming over! 

Would recommend: Yes


-Kate G, Client Since 2019

Lily's Pet Care took exceptional care of my two dogs. We returned to find them happy and healthy, and not wanting Lily to leave! I highly recommended her to care for your pets.

Would recommend: Yes


-Maya V

Lily is very reliable and an excellent communicator, so it’s always very clear how and when she is helping and in our home with our pups. Lily is very loving and attentive to the animals, they love having her and get extra excited on normal days when she walks by. The dogs feel very cared for in our absence and don’t have any anxiety upon our return. They feel loved and attended to the whole time. Highly recommend. 5 stars all around.

Would recommend: Yes


-Mike S, Client Since 2020

My kitties appreciated the attention that Lily gave them and the extra hugs and snuggles. 

Would recommend: Yes


-Rachel B, Client Since 2019

Lily is very responsible and reliable! I really appreciate her communication skills and care to our animals. 

Would recommend: Yes


-Marshall S, Client Since 2017

Lily always does an amazing job with my dogs, Ruby and Max. They both love being around her and she is so good with them! I would definitely recommend her great services to my friends.

Would recommend: Yes


-Regina P

We love the personal touch Lily provides. Lily is very professional and also thinks of little things to do that always make us say “ah man, Lily’s the best.” Daisy and Charlie are always happy when we get home and get excited to see Lily around the neighborhood between services. Offering electronic payments would be super nice! Keep it up!!

Would recommend: Yes


-Kim S, Client Since 2020

Lily is reliable and trustworthy! My kitties love her! Lily, you are perfect as you are and are very professional! Lily has saved my life as she is always able to care for my kitties when I am out of town.

Would recommend: Yes


-Lettie K, Client Since 2021

Lily is very reliable and takes cute pictures and videos of my kitty while I'm away. Highly recommend!

Would Recommend: Yes

-Linda K, Client Since 2021

Lily is so sweet and attentive to our Daisy girl. She will often send pics or a video showing she was there to take care of her. Highly recommend Lily for pet sitting needs!

Would recommend: Yes


-Angela A, Client Since 2022

We have been so happy to have found Lily as our pet sitter. She has been reliable and so attentive to our cat, Tasha. Tasha is an older kitty and I feel so relieved when I know that Lily is taking care of her. I also love getting picture updates! 

Would recommend: Yes


-Renee B, Client Since 2017

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